The company continues to produce wines in Annunziata of La Morra, in the utmost respect of traditions.
The total area amounts to 18 hectares, 50% of which is meant for Nebbiolo for Barolo. The rest is devoted to the production of Barbera d’Alba, Langhe Dolcetto and, in a smaller quantity, of Roero Arneis.
A lot has changed since the early beginnings: events took place crucial to the continuation of this wonderful adventure of winemaking passion and dedication.

2003: Matteo, Mauro’s firstborn, is now part of the company staff. Matteo, like his father, attended Alba Winemaking School and after graduating, threw himself headlong into the family adventure.
Long passionate about the production of top-quality wines, Matteo showed interest in winemaking and taking care of the vineyards from a very young age.
After learning from Mauro, Matteo, a far-sighted and ambitious young man, brought fresh ideas and innovation to the company, promoting a type of winemaking aimed at enhancing the quality, the elegance and the superiority of the wines.
Another important objective for Matteo and his family is the environmental sustainability and respect for their territory, which has offered them such exceptional opportunites.

2009: Martina, Mauro’s younger daughter, joins the family business together with her father and brother. Martina too graduates from Alba Winemaking School.
After spending time abroad in order to improve her skills in the English language, she returns to La Morra and is ready to give her contribution to the family business.
Thanks to her inquisitive mind and passion for communication, she directs her endeavours towards developing and advertising the company philosophy.

“I have no regrets and I am proud to work closely with my children Matteo and Martina, who brought freshness to the company through their enthusiasm, spontaneity and desire to achieve their goals.”
The article in italics is from Andrea Zanfi, Piemonte … la signora del vino, Carlo Cambi Editore, 2005.