Our wines perfectly reflect our respect and care for our vineyards and territory. We personally follow every production step and we firmly believe that our continuous pursuit of quality together with our great passion can truly make the difference

Barolo Gallinotto® “The Family vineyard”

Our Barolo Gallinotto® is a real “recovered treasure”. This vineyard is located inside the MGA (Additional Geografical Mention) Berri, a long underestimated area, that, thanks to the Molino Family, has regained its past splendor. The name Gallinotto comes from homonymous hamlet located near the vineyard.
This wine is characterized by a refined and unique aromaticity, marked with mint and eucalyptus notes.

BAROLO LA SERRA: “Original fragrances”

Barolo La Serra is of primary importance in the geographical area of La Morra. With its south-southeastern exposure and about 370-400 metres in altitude, La Serra distinguishes itself for its fresh style along with an intense elegant bouquet.


BAROLO BRICCO LUCIANI: “The elegance of La Morra”

Bricco Luciani, located in Annunziata of La Morra, is named after the farmhouse which in the past used to be a monastery of nuns. The vineyard is at about 270 metres in altitude, and presents a fairly compact soil of clay and limestone. The company owns an area of 0.8 hectares, with a southeastern exposure.
In each and every single bottle of the 4300 produced yearly is the unique experience that Barolo of La Morra is able to offer.
Extraordinarily elegant and pleasant, it presents an intense floral bouquet.


BAROLO CONCA: “The charm of Barolo”

Barolo Conca is one of the most prestigious Cru of La Morra, being part of the old estate of the nearby convent of Mercenasco. Its particular amphitheatre shape provides a favourable microclimate as well as a good southeastern exposure. The vineyard is located at an altitude of about 250 metres, and the soil is rich in limestone and clay. Mauro Molino owns an area of 0.38 hectares, with a very limited production of bottles produced yearly. The Conca vineyard represents the company’s finest Barolo. With its spicy notes and austerity, it is an incredibly complex and long-lived wine.